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Tarheel Pig Pickers Barbecue Co., Inc. is a family operated barbecue business specializing in Eastern Carolina barbecue and catfish, which provides catering services to the general public at community and special events and private parties. The business was started in April 2002 by Mark and Stephanie Lane. Mark, who is known as an excellent Southern cook, received so many requests from friends and family to prepare Eastern North Carolina style barbecue, he decided to start the catering and special events company known as Tarheel Pig Pickers. Mark’s family roots run deep in Eastern North Carolina. Stephanie, with her many years of experience in the restaurant industry, helped in the start-up of the catering business and is presently involved along with Mark in the day-to-day operation of the business. Over the years, both Mark and Stephanie along with the help of their staff and family have served thousands of people throughout Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland. The popularity of the business is growing and with Tarheel Pig Pickers’ great reputation, it now serves as the anchor for many special events throughout the area. In April, 2012 the catering division of Tarheel Pig Pickers was expanded and renamed Country Lane Catering.


To offer traditional Southern style foods of high quality at a reasonable price and to establish a loyal customer base through a reputation of great food, products and customer service, which will make Tarheel Pig Pickers a lasting landmark in this region.

From Our President:

“It seems to me that many corporations are not rooted in any sense of pride and loyalty to their country or products. I can assure my customers that I am not one to be affected by trends, fads or greed. My family’s tradition and upbringing has taught me “you pay for what you get.” My company purchases products first locally, then regionally and definitely grown, raised and/or made by US owned businesses located right here in the USA. I am proud to support our US economy. The quality of the products we use have to meet our high standards or they are rejected. The ingredients may cost more, but I won’t compromise. One example is catfish which is our second highest selling product. As a consumer you may not know this, but when you order catfish at a restaurant you may be eating catfish from China, Vietnam or other foreign country. We only purchase and prepare U.S. Farm Raised Catfish from North Carolina, Mississippi and Alabama. Yes, I am fiercely loyal to my Southern heritage and I like doing things the old-fashion way and in that I will never change.”

— Mark Lane


Tarheel Pig Pickers
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